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Boo&co Couture has no limits, through our artistic intervention we create original invitations that perfectly captures you. It can be classic to super outragious, the possibilities become endless and exciting!

If we haven't yet designed your perfect invitation, if you want something really unique. We'll look at your wedding plans, your dress, your venue and your interests and we'll design a wedding invitation that's just for you. Individually made and personalised, our cool, modern, couture wedding invitations and wedding packages extras will set the theme for your day right through to the very last thank you note. E-mail or call us to discuss your wedding stationery ideas.

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  Examples of some Couture Invitations
  Cross Pouch  Box  Flip Flop Invites
  Lasercut Butterfly  Caricature Invitation  Custom Cows Illustration
  Victorian Frame Invitation  Custom Illustration Invitation  Love Swans Invitation
  Custom Illustration Invitation  Transparent Wedding Invitation
  Shrek Themed Wedding  White Ink Wedding Invitation



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